Friday, January 22, 2016

Niki's Pics: My Week In Photos - Jan 16-22

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I wanted to let you in on my little world for a bit.  And by little I mean tiny.  Product reviews are super fun and I love doing them, but it's going to be a while before stuff starts arriving and I don't want to just NOT post anything.  So, with that in mind...let me introduce you to Niki's PICS: My Week In Photos!

Keep in mind that I did not have this idea until today, so my photos of this past week are going to be lacking.  Also, I've linked my Instagram in case you guys like my quirky take on life and would like to follow something that isn't strictly dedicated to products.

Abandoned carts are one of my biggest peeves, and this one really tested my patience.  I mean, how many more steps to actually put your cart IN the receptacle?

I absolutely LOVE to cook and on this particular night I felt like posting a typical "here's what I had for dinner" Facebook post.  This was eventually turned into Oven Fajitas.  The app I use to keep all of my recipes organized is called Recipe Keeper.  I like it because it synced with all of my Windows devices so I can enter them on my computer and pull them up on my tablet.  You can also share your favorites on social media.  You have to upgrade to the paid version to make it worthwhile though.  Otherwise you can only store 20 recipes and can't sync.

Here in Alabama it has been a pretty mild winter and this week gave us two days of sunshine!  It didn't start getting cold until last night. Mollie decided she wanted to take advantage while the gettin' was good.  

So, this is Jack aka Mr. Jiggle Wiggle Pickle Butt.  Jack likes to be a creeper and watch me while I blog. Two of my three dogs are rescues and Jack still has some lingering necroses from his time in the pound. He's very shy and I can honestly say he's the strangest dog I've ever met. He's still my snuggle butt, though. 

This is from today.  Living in a tiny town has its perks, but choices in television providers is not one of them.  Direct TV finally became available so we said bu-bye to our old, terrible provider and hello to our new one.  The guy who did the install was a little confused about how to go about hooking everything up because they aren't allowed to move the televisions and our wires go through the wall.  So, this is the best he could do.  I finally got it looking good, but had to deal with this for a few hours.

If you've read the last two posts then you know I LOVE me some hot tea.  This is the pot of tea that I was talking about in my last post about Celestial Seasonings peach tea.  It was so good we made a pot and put it in the living room so we didn't have to keep going to the kitchen to boil water.  I don't have a decent tea warmer so this is actually the bottom of a gravy boat warmer.  

This is my backyard.  I took this photo because my sister from another mister sent me a photo of the snow she got last night.  And I sent her this to show her how much we got.  I just moved from Asheville, NC and this is my first winter with no snow.  I'm missing it badly.

Well, those are all of the photos I took over the week.  Now that I know I want to do a weekly photo post I'll be sure to take more from here on out.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!