Friday, January 29, 2016

Niki's Pics: My Week In Photos - Jan 23-29

So, this week was actually not as evenful as I would have liked. I was supposed to visit my old stompin' grounds, Asheville NC, but I wasn't able to go #SadFace

Anyway, I still had fun checking the mail and taking product photos for the reviews (I have lots of them in the works to be posted this weekend)!

The first thing that happened this weekend is that I rearranged my room. The tiny blue desk on the left is what I used to have my computer on. I was literally using a foot stool for a computer chair. I decided to lose some space and put an adult sized desk. It's not beautiful, but I like having all that space.

The family took a trip to World Market in search of a tea warmer. We finally got a proper one! We also went to three stores hunting for Oolong Tea, but sadly it is impossible to find here.

This is what the majority of my week consisted of. Opening packages, going "OHHH" and "AHHH" over the goodies, and taking photos of them. I haven't been able to get my dogs to cooperate with the dog food, so those reviews are a little behind and will be posted this weekend. I have about 8 reviews I'm in the process of doing so be sure to check back!

And lastly we have Mollie helping me out with my BzzAgent magnet mission.

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