Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dollar Beard Club - Oil, Cream, Balm, and Shampoo

I'd like to take this moment and talk about something new today. The Beard. Ladies, there is no creature on this earth sexier than a bearded man. I'm not talking about the "guys with beards" who shave them into cute patterns and put glitter in them. No, I'm talking about "The Bearded Man". A man who can enter the forest and can, with nothing but his epic bristles, construct you a log cabin with his bare hands.

And the only thing sexier than the bearded man, you ask? A bearded man who takes care of his whiskers. And that's where Dollar Beard Club comes in. They provide fundamental and necessary products to keep that beard healthy, feeling good and smelling great.

They offer a wide variety of products to choose from that offer various levels of hold, shine, and scent. Recently, I was sent a few of Uncut Beard Company's products to try out: a balm, cream, shampoo, and two scents of beard oil (original and sandalwood), as well as a brush and comb.

Now I know what you're thinking: "But don't have a beard!". This is true, but my dad does have a pretty awesome man-mane and since we live in the same house it was easy for him to be my guinea pig for this review. (And he really didn't mind either).

Dollar Beard Club is a subscription box (you all know how much I love subscription boxes) that is customizable to the needs of each and every individual beard. You start off by picking your products and the website can help you by letting you in on how much hold, shine, and scent each one has. You control how much you pay each shipment by adding the items that you want and need. Each shipment has flat rate shipping so no matter how many products you get, you're going to have the same low rate for shipping.

So let's take a closer look at the products that I was sent (but keep in mind that there are many more offered on the webpage):

First up are the oils. Like I said earlier, the two scents are original and sandalwood. The original has a woody smell where as the sandalwood is more sweet. Now these ARE oils, so keep in mind that for the first hour or so that beard will be a little oily.

The oils come in two sizes: 0.5 ounces for $1 or 2 ounces for $4. These are fundamental products that are the foundation of your beard care regimen. They are going to have your flavor-savor shining like a fiery beacon...a beacon of awesome.

The next three products are considered to be essentials. The beard balm comes in a 1 ounce tin and has a pine scent to it. My dad really liked the smell of this and it is what he has been using the most of because it has more hold than the other products. He's got a bit of beard to tame, you see. The balm runs $7.

The cream surprisingly had zero residue and gave his beard a lot of body. It comes in a 2 ounce bottle and is $8. This also has a woody scent, however it took on the aroma of coconut once it actually hit his beard.

Lastly is the shampoo which, again, has a outdoorsy, wood scent. It runs $10 for the 4 ounce and $17 for the 8 ounce.



After a week of using the products daily, his beard is more manageable, has fewer wild hairs, is softer, and is fuller.  He said "It makes [him] feel like a viking...or a pirate...or better yet a viking pirate!" Can't argue with that.

Dollar Beard Club also has other products for beards that may suit particular needs you're looking to rememdy. They offer waxes with superior hold, body wash to make the skin smell as good as that hedge, growth oil and vitamins for those who need a little help, as well as brushes and combs to keep every hair in check. 

Real women love real men and real men have beards. Make sure you have the best one you can by getting your own monthly care box from Dollar Beard Club.

You can order yours today by clicking the links within the post or by clicking HERE to be directed to the website.

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*Disclaimer: I received these products free from Dollar Beard Club in exchange for an honest review. I did NOT receive monetary compensation.