Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Various Beauty Samples - Part 1

Hey guys! As promised I am writing about some various products today that sent me samples, but they weren't really big enough to try more than once and give a thorough review. I still want to thank them by giving them a place on my blog, however.

So here's my before photo. As you can see I'm super excited for you to see my pre-shower, no makeup face

These are the products I used to get ready this morning. There's a little review of each below

Click on the links in the review to be transported to the company's website:

So I started off using NATU Liberating Shampoo and Reawakening Conditioner in the shower. There wasn't much scent except a slight "lemon pine". The shampoo didn't lather like other products that I've tried, but that is probably due to the fact that their products contain no sulfates, harsh chemicals, artificial colors, or synthetic fragrances. There's nothing synthetic to weigh down hair, and that's good for me because I have very fine, thin hair. After conditioning I immediately noticed that my hair felt very soft and light. If you'd like to try them you can use coupon code FABHAIR for 20% off a product until 6/30/2016.

While still showering I applied the Nivea Cocoa Butter In-shower Body Lotion after using my normal body wash. It had a powdery smell at first, but after rubbing it all over it transformed into a sweet and slightly floral scent. Now that I've dried off and gotten dressed I can tell that my skin is softer than normal. And what I like about it is that since it's applied in the shower, I don't have the lotion residue on my hands when I go to apply my makeup.

Next came the Cyto-luxe skincare line by glo Professional which included (in order of application) a cleanser, eye cream, serem, face cream, and facial moisturizer. This stuff is pretty expensive so I'm glad I got to try it out. It's a step by step process that took about 20 minutes because I kept letting each layer dry completely. Although there are 5 products on my face, my skin doesn't feel like it. My face and lips feel hydrated and healthy. The moisturizer is a little oilier than I like, but that is just a preference. I have acne prone skin so I tend to get oil-free moisturizers so this is what a normal one feels like I imagine.

After all that dried and I dried my hair, I applied Prime Addiction Face Primer and Matte Perfection Foundation by Frankie Rose Cosmetics. Before this, Clinique was the most expensive makeup I've ever tried so having something quality on my face was a nice treat. I let them know that I was fair skinned so above are the three colors of foundation they sent: angel, vintage, and neutral. I went with the angel. When putting on the rest of my normal makeup I noticed that it went on smoother. I had to use less eye shadow because it didn't get absorbed by the foundation. I didn't have to cake on the foundation to cover my blemishes and the makeup is really light feeling. Hopefully it'll last the rest of the day because I only got one shot to try it.

Lastly I applied a little gardenia and white exotic scented fragrance by Kai Fragrance. Supposedly this smells differently on every person which I thought was pretty neat. Gardenia is one of my favorite scents and we grow them at my house because they smell so good. I thought it came pretty close to the smell but maybe not as sweet which is a good thing because too much sweet scent gives me a little sick feeling in my stomach.

And...Done! That was fun considering I have no preventative face regimen and use cheap products. It's nice to see what good quality products looks like and what I'll be able to afford later on. 

What products do you guys typically use in the morning?