Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Glitzs Claddagh Rings

If you're a girl and don't like're lying. I'm totally kidding. I know there are girls out there that don't wear jewelry, but most of us do and we adore getting it as gifts.

I have Scot/Irish heritage so the claddagh ring is a little special to me. The claddagh design symbolic and consists of is two hands (friendship) clasping a heart (love), which has a crown (loyalty) on top of it. It is typically worn to hint at the relationship status of the wearer. If worn on the right hand with the heart pointing outward or "open" then they are single. If it is worn on the right hand with the heart pointing inward then the person is in a relationship. If worn on the left hand with the ring pointing outward then the person is engaged and if the heart is pointing inward they are married. It's a beautiful and popular tradition, even in the USA.

I actually got to try out two of these claddagh rings from Glitz, so I am combining the review for both of them so I won't repeat anything. The only things that differ between the two rings are the stones and size. 

Both rings are beautiful and are very comfortable to wear. After wearing them a full day there was no discoloration or irritation to my sensitive skin. 

The first ring is made from sterling silver and is a size 7. It has a large cubic zirconia between the hands and a small one in the crown. The stones are stunning when the light hits them and the silver shines beautifully. 

The second ring is also made from sterling silver but it is a size 6. It has a lab created opal between the hands and a small cubic zirconia in the crown. You won't believe how beautiful the opal is when the light hits it!

As I have two of these now, I will be giving one to my sister. I would buy this for any of my female friends. If you like these rings you can follow the links below:

Cubic zirconia ring ($24.70):

Opal ring ($24.70):

*I was able to try this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I received no monetary compensation nor am I affiliated with the seller in any way.