Thursday, August 25, 2016

Whistling Kettle Tea of the Month Club

This is the second sampler set that I have tried from The Whistling Kettle and they are quickly becoming one of my favorites. Their teas are so flavorful and delicious.  I have no idea how they pack so much flavor and goodness into one cup of tea, but I'm sure glad they do.

The Whistling Kettle has tons of different subscription tea boxes. They work just like any other subscription box. You get a shipment every month and each one has a different tea. You can get all oolong, green tea, breakfast tea, flavored tea, chai, or even all decaf.  There are so many to choose from your hardest decision will be picking which one. They even have a subscription for just that called the Discovery Tea Club where you get a surprise tea each month!

Each tea club comes with its own benefits and perks. You get 2-4 ounces of tea and they range from $12-$27 depending on which you pick.

The Whistling Kettle sent me a box of 8 of their signature teas, all of which are included in their subscription boxes. I got to try: 

Golden Starfruit - this ones smells ah-may-zing!  It has starfruit, papaya, and mango with orange peel and it makes your taste buds happy!

Banana Dulce - I swear this one smells like banana moon pie. It has banana, coconut, and graham cracker aromas.

Snowflake - this is a black tea with almond, coconut, and cinnamon. It's nutty and sweet. 

Lemon Soufflé Honeybush - this tea is lemon, cream, honeybush, and roobios. It's really smooth with a tartness that will make you grin. 

East Frisian Broken Blend  - this is a breakfast tea to perk you up with a malty flavor. It has Java and Sumatra roundness. 

Scottish Caramel Toffee pu-erh - this one is all caramel flavor with a very sweet aftertaste.

Endurance - this tea is meant to increase your stamina and has a bit of a spicy sweetness.

Vanilla Silk Oolong - this tea was delicious and it was magic watching the leaves open up in the press. This tea smells like a citrus cream that reminded me of a dream pop. 

The best part about the subscription boxes is that when you find a tea you love, you can buy a larger size directly from the company! I'm going to need a bigger tea cabinet!!!

So when you're ready to start your tea adventure with The Whistling Kettle go check out their website at

You won't regret it! What's your favorite tea flavor? Tell me in the comments below!

*I was able to try this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I received no monetary compensation nor am I affiliated with the seller in any way. My thoughts are my own after trying the product and my reviews are updates over time as needed.