Sunday, September 25, 2016

U-Zomir Painting Socks

This is a very unique set of socks from U-Zomir and any art lover will love and appreciate them. You get 5 pairs of socks and each pair has a different classic pieces of art on them:

Leonardo da Vinci - Mona Lisa

Vincent van Gogh - Starry Night

Edvard Munch - The Scream

Hokusai - The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Raphael Sanzio - The cherubim from "Sistine Madonna"


The socks are unisex and fit many sizes. They advertise to fit a men size 5-10 or women size 6-11. I wear a 7-7.5 and they do fit, but they are a bit tight on my ankles. They are made from stretch cotton and are still comfortable. The material actually reminds me of my dress socks and the socks aren't thick. 


These socks are very colorful and would make a great gift. They come already packaged nicely for giving as a gift. The insides do have lots of strings, but socks with a lot of colors normally do. All in all I really like these and would recommend them, especially if you have a kid that likes art. The price is great too. You can get a pair for $13.99 here:
*I was able to try this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I received no monetary compensation nor am I affiliated with the seller in any way. My thoughts are my own after trying the product and my reviews are updates over time as needed.